Jeff Poe, CFA, CIMA, B.Ec, Grad Dip AppFin

Chief Trainer, Platinum Professional Training Sydney Branch

Jeff is Chief Trainer and Senior Manager of Platinum Professional Training. He has a wealth of experience in large listed companies particularly in financial services and wealth management, spanning a career of over 15 years and completing various finance qualifications along the way. Jeff has been a hiring manager in a number of his corporate roles.

Jeff is a key contributor for technical research of taxation matters. He also performs corporate governance and due diligence services, previously being a Responsible Manager of AMP. He also prepares detailed reporting and analysis for business clients seeking to identify different ways to add value to their business.  His other responsibilities include preparation of tax returns and dealing with complex tax matters.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee and poker.

Anthony Yuen, CPA

Financial Controller, Platinum Professional Training

Anthony is a CPA qualified Financial Controller of Platinum Professional Training and used to be Financial Controller of an Australian asset of Colliers International, one of the world’s largest real estate management groups.

Anthony graduated from Macquarie University and has over 15 years’ experience in a commercial corporate environment. His broad industry experience within Australia and internationally includes corporate finance and property management.

He has mastered many different areas in the accounting field and has managed Colliers annual budget and forecasts. He also participates in strategic decision making by the board. His previous roles were at AMP Capital and Knight Frank. He is currently mentoring a number of Platinum Professional Training interns to help them achieve their goals in the accounting industry.

Anthony’s passions include property development, building his property portfolio as well as his wine collection.

Yingke Hou, CPA, B.Comm

Senior Consultant, Platinum Professional Training Sydney Branch

Yingke is a Senior Consultant at Platinum Professional Training. She has over 12 years experience across a number of industries including airlines, chemicals and finance.

Yingke used to be the Management Accountant in a listed manufacturing company and Financial Controller of a hedge fund. She is CPA qualified and a Registered Tax Agent.

Yingke’s hobby is to travel to around the world to gain new perspectives and ideas.

Teresa Nguyen, CPA

Accountant, Platinum Professional Training Perth Branch

Teresa is a CPA qualified Accountant in Platinum Professional Training Perth and the Manager of the Perth branch office. She now looks after the needs of Perth tax clients.

She joined Platinum after migrating from overseas. Before joining Platinum Professional Training, she had over five years experience in auditing and accounting. Her career started from Ernst and Young as an Auditor and then Accountant for the second largest advertising agency in Denmark, a Management Accountant at Lego, and an international law firm in Vietnam.

Teresa is an animal lover and loves to expand her knowledge in all aspects by reading e-books.

Yolanda Shaw, CPA Associate, BFSA, MAF

Accountant, Platinum Professional Training National Sales and Marketing Manager Melbourne Branch Manager

Yolanda Shaw is a Manager of the Melbourne branch of Platinum Professional Training and holds a Masters of Accounting & Finance degree from the University of Adelaide.

Yolanda has a substantial day-to-day hands-on involvement with individual trainee career plans and responsible for liaising with tax clients on behalf of the CPA public practice. She works closely with CPA public practice partners to provide quality tax services to clients. She specialises in dealing with business tax clients.

Yolanda has extensive experience as a Bookkeeper and Accountant in international trading, retail and corporate services industries prior to joining Platinum.

Yolanda enjoys going to the gym, watching films and bike riding.

Scarlet Wang, CPA Associate, M.Acc&Fin

Accountant, Platinum Professional Training Adelaide Branch Manager

Scarlet Wang is an Accountant in Platinum Professional Training Adelaide and the Manager of the Adelaide branch office.

Scarlet has extensive involvement in the month-end process and supervises and maintains internal controls to improve and streamline processes. This includes preparing P&L and cash reconciliations to produce reports to the Director. She also looks after Adelaide tax clients.

Scarlet holds a Masters of Accounting & Finance degree from the University of Adelaide and is near completion of CPA.

Before joining Platinum Professional Training, Scarlet had 2 years bookkeeping experience with a train manufacturer and retail businesses. She also does volunteer work for the Red Cross, enjoying contributing to the local community as well as the positive impact on the community.

In her spare time, she runs various projects for the Weclub website ( a career and entrepreneur club to link employees and employers. Scarlet also enjoys travelling, books and hiking.

Michelle Xiang, M.Acc&Fin

Accountant Adelaide Branch

Michelle Xiang is an Accountant in Platinum Professional Training’s Adelaide Branch.

Michelle joined with Platinum Professional Training in 2012. She started to accumulate various accounting experience during her Masters Degree study in Adelaide University. Before Platinum, she had over 1 years business experience in a large listed company. Because of her outstanding performance within our firm’s internship program, she was hired as Assistant Accountant.

Michelle and Scarlet work closely to provide accounting and tax services for clients. She has a keen eye for detail and assists with profit and loss analysis and reporting for monthly management reports.

Michelle loves broadcasting and also writes columns for various websites.

Barbara Chen, M.Comm (Acc&AppFin)

Accountant, Platinum Professional Training Brisbane Branch Manager

Barbara Chen is an Accountant in Platinum Brisbane, and also the Manager of the Brisbane branch office. Barbara is in charge of maintaining the Brisbane tax clients.

Barbara holds a Master of Commerce degree with Finance and Accounting majors from Griffith University. After she graduated, she joined with our Brisbane branch and soon became office manager. Her key role is looking after Brisbane tax clients and preparing individual tax returns. In the meantime, she is involved in supervising and maintaining all internal controls to improve and streamline processes.

Barbara loves swimming and travelling in her spare time.

Tyna Nguyen, B.Ban&Fin

Group Accountant, Melbourne Branch

Tyna is Group Accountant in Platinum Professional Training. She operates from the Melbourne Office.

Tyna finished her Banking & Finance Bachelor Degree from Monash Uni since the end of 2013 and then she started her career journey with Platinum Professional Training. Within the past two years, Tyna has worked through a series of roles in Platinum Melbourne Office, such as Accounts Intern, Accounts Clerk/Admin, Bookkeeper, Junior Assistant Accountant. After her junior accounting positions, the board decided to promote her into the current Assistant Accountant position.

Tyna also has interests in travelling, watching movies, volunteering in the Vietnamese community groups and building her coin collections.

Cindy Gao, M.Comm (Acc&AppFin)

Accountant, Platinum Professional Training Sydney Branch Manager

Cindy joined Platinum Professional Training in 2010 and started in Brisbane as an Assistant Accountant in the firm. She was later promoted to Accountant within the first year.

With four years of experience in the finance and taxation field, she has professional skills in Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting, Individual and Corporate Tax returns and BAS/IAS for small to medium sized businesses.

Her key software strengths are in MYOB v10 to 19, Xero, Saasu, Tax Assistant and MYOB Accountants Office. She has completed a Masters of Commerce in 2010 while working as an Accounts Assistant in a security supply and wholesale business for 12 months, handling company internal accounts.

In her spare time, Cindy enjoys cooking and fine dining.

Lee Doan, B.Acc&Fin

Accountant, Platinum Professional Training Sydney Branch Manager

Lee is an Accountant in Platinum Professional Training Sydney and the Manager of the Sydney branch office.

Lee is in charge of coordinating training programs for all national based training and a key trainer for the Sydney office. She is also responsible for updating training contents through observing the latest market trends.

Lee enjoys travel to broaden her horizons and experiences.

Ollie Ngo, B.Acc&Fin

Assistant Accountant, Platinum Professional Training Sydney

Ollie is an Assistant Accountant in Platinum Professional Training Sydney.

Ollie is in charge of coordinating the CRM processing of Sydney tax clients and looks after the firms internal accounting through liaising with all regional branch managers.

Ollie enjoys watching live stand up comedy in her spare time.