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Our mission is to help you and your business grow & succeed! We know more than just numbers!

Clients we can help

Small to Medium Businesses

Small business owners don’t always have the team or resources to ensure their accounting is up-to-date and accurate. Though business owners can manage their accounting on their own, this can take significant time and may pull them away from their ability to build their business. 

We are eager to help those small business owners turning over less than $20 million per annum. With our expert accounting advice and services at your assistance, we will build solid financial foundations and provide the right business support, so you can see a prosperous future. 

We commit ourselves to helping you grow your long-term business results through our expert accounting and bookkeeping services. 


High net worth individuals

If you require tax planning and strategies; our expert accountants, bookkeepers and tax agents are always here to help. We are experienced in assisting those holding a subclass 188 Business visa to manage their assets and investments in the Australian market. 


Whether you have a high volume of shares, properties or investments, Platinum Accounting Australia is passionate about supporting all high-net-worth individuals in making the most out of their tax.


We will implement the right tax structures and strategies to help these individuals manage their assets correctly so they can live a free and prosperous life in their golden years.


We are passionate about helping bookkeeping professionals locate the knowledge and information they need to open their own firms.

With a team of experts behind us, we cover all aspects of running a business, from operations to marketing, finance and human resources. Taking our time to educate you with this wealth of knowledge, we will help you understand how to manage your own clients, find business success and climb to the top of the industry. 

We have the knowledge needed to help you grow your market share, and by partnering with us, you will always have our expertise on your side to provide a helping hand. 


Our mission is to help you and your business grow & succeed! We know more than just numbers!

We are passionate about helping business owners succeed. We assist business owners looking to manage their accounting, bookkeeping and tax planning to ensure their business continues running smoothly. We will also stop at nothing to guarantee all business owners are provided with the right strategies to help them see continued success. 

On top of our goal to help businesses achieve scalable success, we are also eager to help entrepreneurial individuals. Through our Business Start-Up Program, we are committed to helping professionals attain the skills they need to open their own bookkeeping firm. 


Small business owners, are you paying too much tax?

Did you know that most small businesses are paying too much for their tax? Usually the result of poor business structure and a lack of tax planning, these small businesses do not have the assets required to drive down their tax and take more money home.

With a tax accountant by your side, you could save thousands of dollars while guaranteeing all of your legal tax requirements are met. The team at Platinum Accounting Australia also understands that every client, business owner and high-net individual is unique. For this reason, when you seek our tax planning and accounting services, you are guaranteed a uniquely personalised experience with tax solutions catered to you. 

With deep knowledge and understanding of all things numbers, accounting, bookkeeping, accounting and finance, you can trust that our professional services will give you the best tax results available on the market. Using cutting-edge accounting software and working to constantly upskill our workforce, you are in safe hands when you trust Platinum Accounting Australia to handle your wealth, assets and small business. 

We are so confident in our services, that we also offer a FREE 20-minute health check to anyone who wants a better understanding of what is holding them back from achieving financial success. 

Our Services

Quick Easy Flexible

Tax planning

Reducing your tax obligations to as low as legally possible means you will take home more profit at the end of the financial year. Our tax planning services work to optimise your tax structure to ensure you can continue growing your personal and business wealth.

Implement tax effective strategies

We will help you develop a sustainable reinvestment structure. These structures will help you grow your business and personal wealth year on year. 

Design impactful tax structures

We will allocate your financial assets and income to more effective tax structures, including family trusts and self-managed super funds. Doing so will reduce your taxable income and help you build your wealth.

Level up the tax effectiveness of your financing

Utilising a trustworthy accountant and effective tax strategies can improve your after-tax return on investment. 

Business Advisory

Are your expenses impeding your profits? Do you have rich cash flow but aren’t taking a lot home as a business owner? 

Our expert tax services and solutions will help you gain a deeper understanding of your business liquidity and how it plays into your profits. Our team of accountants will then help you make informed decisions to cut costs and improve your finances. 

Rather than employing someone full-time, our business advisory services will be at your asset as you need them, making them a great way to save on staff expenses. 

The full service includes: 

  • Business growth and KPI analysis
  • Management reporting to help you make informed decisions
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Cash flow analysis 

Business services

Using Xero and cloud technology, our team of accountants can take the stress out of managing your bookkeeping. With a range of assets and a wealth of financial knowledge, we can make all the difference to your business accounts. 

Our business services can help through: 

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Payroll
  • Bank reconciliation

Boost your take-home pay

Our tax specialists can help you package your salary so you can increase your annual tax savings 

Tax Returns & Compliance

Our accounting and bookkeeping services will help you take the stress out of your business’ year-end. Through regular, scheduled tax compliance checks, you won’t have to worry about meeting deadlines, potentially paying penalties or owing interest.
Our Tax Compliance services include:
• Return preparation
• Reporting
• Lodgement


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